Smart Type-C Cable, Auto Disconnect 2nd Gen, Led Status Indicator, Black

Color: Black

Model number:CAVTTCAD2D

Package content:
* 1x CableSmart Type-C Auto Disconnect 2nd Gen (1.2m length)

Automatic Disconnection
The Vetter Smart cable automatically disconnects the device when the battery is charged. Thanks to this feature, the battery will be protected against overcharging.

Premium material
The jacket cover is made of zinc alloy. The cable is covered with a nylon fabric that protects against mechanical damage.

Heat dispersion
Anodized zinc alloy connectors provide better heat dispersion than most similar cables.

Whenever the charged device will not reach 100% status, there are the following reasons
- Battery aging, usually when the battery capacity drops
- Smartphone/Device USB port needs cleaning because dust or other particles may prevent proper electrical contact