iPhone XS, X, Clip-On Genuine Leather with Card Holder, Brown

For: iPhone X

Color: Brown


Package content:

Clip-On Genuine Leather with Card Port

Genuine Leather
The genuine leather case will develop a patina over time as the material absorbs body oils and adapts to its surroundings. This gives it a high appeal also being a normal sign of its natural origins.
Slim fit & natural feel
New fluid-motion button design provides increased tactile feedback. All ports are easily accessible, with wide openings that allow for almost any accessory or adapter to fit comfortably.
Comprehensive protection
The machined metal buttons discreetly complements the design of your leather case, while a microfiber lining inside helps protect your iPhone.
Credit card slot
The back slot is ideal to carry your credit card or driver license so you will have the essentials for most situations.