Type-C Cable, Quick Charge, 3D Aero, Vetter GO, Grey

For: Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, S8, LG G5/G6/V20, Nexus 5X/6P, Huawei P9, Honor 8, Mate 9, Lumia 950, Sony XZ, Xiaomi Note 2, OnePlus 2 etc.

Part number: CVTGUSBCARE1

Colour: Grey

Package content:
* 1 x Type C Cable | Quick Charge | 3D Aero Series

Premium Quality

Premium Zinc-Alloy housing and soft tangle-free flat TPU adds premium durability to the cable.

Heat Dispersion
Anodized Zinc Alloyed on both connectors with anodic oxidation technology ensures better heat dispersion than most similar cables.

Works with most cases
The ultra-compact connector head is small enough to fit most cases but strong enough to withstand repeated unplugging and storage.

Cable length: 1m
Output current: 2.1A